To enter one of our storage facilities, a tenant must first enter their personal security entry code at the gate, at which time our security software will record the time the tenant enters and exits the property. At select locations, every storage unit door is individually alarmed and tied into our security software, giving Southern Storage Center’s managers even more tools to fight against an unauthorized entry into a unit.

All Southern Storage Centers properties use in-set cylinder locks – our industry’s best protection against break-ins. The lock actually goes inside the door latch and cannot be cut off with bolt cutters, eliminating the number one tool used to break into a storage unit.

At select locations, each door has an individual door alarm that is monitored by the computer 24 hours a day. Each time the door is opened or closed, it is logged by the computer.

The computer records the time the occupant enters the facility, the time the storage unit door is opened, then closed, and the time the occupant exits the facility grounds.

Our computer system gives gives us a pictorial view of our facilities, so that should there ever be an attempted unauthorized intrusion into a unit, we’ll know instantly and we can pin-point the unit where the attempt is being made.